Kha Re Mar

There are many things that make Burmese Cuisine so unique, we are not going to share all our secrets with you, there are some that we are happy too.

Introducing Kha Re Mar's Kitchen products!

At this stage we have four products on offer...

Kha Re Mar's Famous Chilli Relish;

A Burmese meal isn't complete without some chilli relish on the side, and Kha Re Mar's Chilli Relish has been a smash hit with our customers...

Kha Re Mar's Kitchen Chilli Relish comes in three levels medium (which is the level that we serve in the cafe) Hot and Extra hot.

Kha Re Mar's Kitchen Roasted Masala;

Masala is one of the basic building blocks of every curry, and Kha Re Mar's Roasted Masala is the basis of all our curries in the cafe. Kha Re Mar's Kitchen Roasted Masala is the unique blend of spices that makes our curries stand out from the rest.

We make all the Kha Re Mar's Kitchen products in house with the best ingredients.

Both the Chilli and the Masala are for sale at the Free Burma Cafe for $7.00 each.

Want to try your hand at a genuine Burmese recipe? then get hold of Voices of Hope, also available at the cafe (or can be purchased online here). In the book is our Onou Kautswe (Burmese Laksa), As well as Mas Mai's harrowing story of fleeing persecution in Burma, resettling in Australia, and starting the Free Burma Cafe.

You can also view Kha Re Mar's recipe for her Potato Masala Spring rolls here


Our Head Chef, Kha Re Mar.
The Kha Re Mar's Kitchen Products.
Voices of Hope
Voices of Hope